Laugh Till It Hurts

The original plan for my birthday weekend involved going to cosmic bingo with friends on Friday night then to the football game in Green Bay on Sunday.  That was all.

Well, things changed when my original game partner told me Thursday that she couldn’t go to the game.  I invited Rachel to go with me.  She was, however, leaving Saturday evening after work and spending the night in Green Bay.  I really didn’t want to make the trip there and back alone so I asked if I could tag along.  No problem.

Rachel and I had a great time at the football game and the Packers beat up on the Panthers!  We even got a pair of green sunglasses!

Photo courtesy of Rachel

But the best part of the whole time we were in Green Bay… Saturday night leaving the bar. None of the bars are smoking so as soon as we walked out the door, Rachel and I lit a cigarette to smoke on the way to the car.  We also don’t smoke it Kit-Kat’s car so once we got there Rachel stomped hers out and I bent down to knock the light off a half cigarette on the rim of the tire.  That didn’t work so I took a step back to use the pavement.  All of a sudden I saw the wheel of the car turning then come to a stop.  I jumped in the car only to hear Rachel and Kit-Kat laughing because Kit-Kat almost left me there.  What made Kit-Kat stop?  When Rachel said, “Wait for my mom!”  Kit-Kat honestly thought I was in the car.  We all laughed so hard… I mean full belly laughing hard.  Our stomachs hurt, our cheeks hurt and Kit-Kat had to pull over twice because she couldn’t contain her laughter!

Those are the best times… when you laugh till it hurts!  You’d better believe we told everyone about how my sister nearly left me in the bar’s parking lot.  :-)

WalMart Beauty Box, Fall 2014

Did you know WalMart offers a beauty box?  I didn’t until recently.  The box is free and you only pay shipping, which is a flat fee of $5.00 and they are offered seasonally.

I was a bit skeptical about what types of products the WalMart Beauty Box would offer but, out of curiosity, I decided to give it a whirl.  When I received my box, I was not disappointed.

walmart beauty box fall2014

There are two versions of the box.  Mine included…

Full size Covergirl Continuous Color Lipstick
Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy sample
Full size Secret Clinical Strength
Loreal Revitalift Triple Power Deep Acting Moisturizer
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture sample
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

I’ll probably give away the lipstick and perfume since I don’t use them and Rachel is hinting around that she wants the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy because she uses it regularly.

Go here if you would like to sign up for the beauty box.  For only five bucks shipping… I think the box is worth it!

It’s Dad’s Fault

When Zeus developed the swelling on his neck this past week, it never seemed to bother him at all.  Even when his neck looked really huge, Zeus continued to act normal.

zeus faceSo we started him on his medication Tuesday and everything seemed fine until Wednesday night.  I went up to the casino that evening and Ken joined me an hour or so later.  I ended up leaving before Ken did.  Once I arrived home, I let the dogs out and gave them their treats…. Zeus hesitated taking his.  I then sat at my computer for a little bit and Zeus followed, laying by my feet… he seemed to be shivering.  I got up and went to the couch with Zeus right behind me.  He grabbed his toy and I threw it but his reaction was minimal.  It was then that I decided to give him some cheese… he loves cheese and if he was really sick, he wouldn’t eat it.  Well, Zeus half heartedly ate the cheese.  He also acted like it was an effort to lay down or stand up.

Okay, I’m worried now that my dog is really sick.  I needed to reach Ken.  He didn’t reply to my text or my phone call so I assumed he forgot the phone in his vehicle.  I jumped in my car and drove to the casino (only 1 mile) to tell Ken about our sick puppy.  Ken immediately followed me home.

What happened next completely stunned me… the moment Zeus saw Ken was home, he was barking and tearing around the house like nothing was wrong.  That little faker… he was playing sick because he was missing dad!!  I guess Ken’s traveling and steadily on the go for the past 3 weeks made Zeus really miss him.

This is like the third time that Zeus has faked being sick when Ken travels.  He needs to quit freaking me out!!  Ken had to go out of town for another trip yesterday.  It’s only a one day trip and I’m really hoping Zeus doesn’t do that to me again!

High, Lows And Say It Isn’t So

What a week we’ve had (again)!  It’s been about a month since that rollercoaster ride and here we go again.  There’s that saying… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Well, I’d say we are getting quite strong at this point.

The High
Cousin Jody came to town this past weekend and a bunch of us got together for a fun, fun time.  Everyone always has a blast when she’s around!

girls_night_outThe Lows
Rachel’s car is acting up again (having a hard time starting).  It’s going into the shop tomorrow to get fixed.

I noticed a small bump about the size of a quarter on the side of Zeus’ neck on Sunday.  By Monday evening it had grown quite a bit.  Ken took Zeus the vet and it turns out he has an infected salivary gland.  More antibiotics for him.

The Say It Isn’t So
Aaron’s car is dead.  The motor is shot.  On the bright side, he got 10 good years out of that car!  Now it’s time to look for a vehicle for him.

With both kid’s vehicle on the fritz, mine and Ken’s vehicles are getting a workout making sure we all make it to work.  This stuff is exhausting!