What is a motormouth?  “A person who talks excessively”.  Yeah, that totally describes our new youth probation officer.  I know she’s only been working here for a few months but holy smokes, I don’t think know another person who can talk so continuously (barely taking a breath) and on a regular basis!

For as long as I have been working here, every morning at work several of us would gather in the office right away in the morning and chit-chat.  That rarely happens anymore because of her excessive chatter.  She scared the long time regulars away because they couldn’t take it!!  And our new probation officer… on one occasion he said, “Geez, you can’t even have a regular conversation with her… you can’t get a word in edgewise.”  Another time he said, “Oh my god… give that lady some Ritalin or something!!”  A friend and I have even gotten to the point of taking the morning cigarette break whenever she is busy or has to run somewhere or sneak out when she isn’t nearby.

I don’t mind people who talk but dang, her motormouth is enough to drive anyone insane!  Seriously.

The Force Is Strong With This One

In all the years that I’ve known him, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ken so excited for a Star Wars movie to come out as he is for this one.  It’s kind of fun to watch his excitement!

Last week we were sitting at our computer desks and we both happened to turn around at the same time.  I looked at him and held up two fingers.  He immediately said, “Two weeks!!  I’m so excited!”  It’s funny that I didn’t even have to say a word and he knew what I meant.

He also has a countdown calendar on his iPhone and posts a screen shot daily on Facebook how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until the movie starts.

Last but not least, he saw a Darth Vader Christmas tree online a couple months ago.  Guess what?  He decorated a little tree like Darth Vader!!  I love it!  You can’t really see it well in this picture but he positioned two of the lights behind the eyes of the mask.

darth_treeI can’t wait to see his reaction when we are actually on our way to see the movie!  Maybe I should do some video snippets throughout the day.  :-)

She Is Still With Us

It’s been three months since our co-worker was tragically murdered.  Lately we still feel her presence at work.

My boss was putting up a small Christmas tree in our office recently and when she pulled out the decorations, she found a bunch of teeny, tiny ones Jolene gave us last year.  Among those teeny, tiny decorations was a little angel.  My boss hung it at the very top of the tree and said, “This is Jolene.”  It made me smile and a little sad at the same time.

And then on Monday I was in the new probation officer’s office when he happened to pull a tiny iPod out of a drawer.  I was a little surprised to see it because we had gone through that office to return all of Jolene’s belongings to her family and never came across the iPod.  I took it and put it in my desk until my boss was able to reach her family and let them know the iPod was there.

It was a total coincidence yesterday when Jolene’s daughter unexpectedly came into our building!  I just caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye and called her to my office.  I asked her if her mom had a little green iPod.  She said yes, so I retrieved it out of my desk and handed it to her.  She looked a little sad, then smiled and said… “I can’t believe she still used this thing even after all the iPods with bigger screens came out!”

310W2cRtG4LYep, three months later and Jolene is still having her presence known.

What Scar?

It’s been three weeks since the eight (8) stitches were removed from my face.  I am not a vain person but, to tell you the truth, I was kind of worried about having a big scar on my face.

When the nurse removed the stitches, she commented on how good it looked then gave me a mirror so I could see.  I am truly impressed with the job the dermatologist did!  Unless you are looking directly at me knowing there is suppose to be a scar, you can’t even tell!!  Family and friends even had get close up to see it.

As for the biopsy on the lesion… it came back positive for skin cancer.  Thank goodness the doctor was able to remove it all!  (Which probably explains why I had eight (8) stitches.)  I have a follow-up appointment in February.

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