When Boredom Strikes

It is very rare when I find myself bored.  There is always something to keep me occupied, whether it be chores around the house, doing stuff on the computer, watching television, conversing with Ken, playing with the dogs or even enjoying quiet time.  But this past week… boredom has me practically bouncing off the walls!  Being given a 5 pound weight limit for lifting/moving anything has me near my breaking point.  Geez, moving Tank’s butt off my leg is at least 5 pounds!

Since getting up and down from my computer chair has been a lot easier than the couch, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time watching videos on YouTube.  I can’t even tell you how many ice bucket challenges I’ve watched this week!!  (Note to self:  Don’t ever again watch funny videos the day after surgery.)

So, I’ve been watching a lot of nail art videos because after years and years I’m getting back into painting my nails.  One in particular I wanted to try was nail art using round labels.  Since game day was approaching, I tried it using green and yellow.  Not too bad but the yellow stood out too much for me.  Maybe next time switch the colors the opposite way.  (Probably should have removed the sticky residue before taking a picture.)

half moon nailsI decided to just paint them with the green sparkly polish.

glitter green nailsAnother video I found while on YouTube was one by Taylor Swift.  I am by no means a Taylor Swift fan and have even been known to change the radio station when her songs play.  But this song, I kind of like it.

Thank goodness I go back to work tomorrow and get the staples removed from my tummy on Wednesday!  Hopefully the 5 pound weight restriction will be lifted and I can do more exciting stuff.

p.s.  Had Ken come home 5 minutes later on Friday I would have gotten busted mopping the entryway by the front door.  He must have ESP or something!

He Slept Good Last Night

With Rachel’s car on the blink and my upcoming surgery, Ken has been under a bit of stress since he got back home from his vacation.

Rachel’s car was taken to our regular (reasonably priced) garage and we found out on Friday it was something he couldn’t fix in his shop… the solenoid and/or sensor.  He called the Chevy garage and they weren’t able to get it in until Monday afternoon.  We anticipated the cost to be high because of the type of repair and the labor of a dealer’s garage.  The garage called late yesterday afternoon and said it was just a sensor that was trying to send a signal to the car to use flex fuel, causing it to stall out… Rachel uses regular gasoline.  They just needed to reset the sensor and it would be good to go!  The costs was under $100… much less than the big bucks we were anticipating.  *whew*  Rachel now has her car back, no more musical cars and we are breathing a big sigh of relief that it wasn’t more.

My gallbladder surgery went pretty well yesterday, with the exception of all the waiting.  We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and it was nearly noon by the time I was finally wheeled in the operating room.  They made me miss my shows!  lol.  Other than being sore, I’m doing pretty good today and have only needed to take one pain med early last night.  Sure am glad I wasn’t in the kind of pain the lady I shared a room with was in.  Dang!  From the minute she was wheeled in the room until the time I was wheeled out, she kept saying, “it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!” and she tossed her cookies.  We both had the exact same procedure but apparently I have a way higher tolerance for pain.

So now that all the “stressful” stuff is over for Ken, he slept really good last night in the extra room with the dogs.  The dogs are not liking the adjustment though… especially momma’s boy Tank.  He pretty much ignored me after he woke up this morning.  They are both giving me major attitude because they can’t cuddle with me on the couch.  A couple more day puppies… a couple more days.  Tank might hate me by then!  lol.

dogs with attitude