A Chicken Craving

Chicken is one of my all-time favorite foods.  I swear I could eat some type of chicken practically every day!  You can’t imagine how sad it made me when the casino snack bar quit selling their deep fried chicken wings.  They were the only place nearby that I know of who had them.

I have been craving deep fried chicken wings for months, so I decided the other day to make some this weekend.  Ken had a recipe we tried a few months ago and the plan was to use it again.  The recipe called for garlic salt, cornstarch, hot sauce and water.  Little did I know we needed 1 1/2 cups of cornstarch and we had less than a half cup available.  We just tossed that recipe out the window and tried something on our own… flour (with salt, pepper and garlic salt), egg wash and seasoned bread crumbs.  Turned out we didn’t have enough bread crumbs to coat all the wings so we continued on using flour, egg wash and flour.  I actually liked the flour/egg/flour combination better.  The next time we will have to add a bit more seasoning though.

wings1I think my deep fried chicken wings craving has been satisfied for another couple of months.  AND, who knew today was National Fried Chicken Day?  I didn’t until Rachel posted it on Facebook.  It was meant to be!

The Key Is Balance

Finding (making) the time to blog during the busy days of summer is hard.  Well, that and a decent computer and lack of wireless internet.  I’m failing… miserably.

Here is a recap of the past 10 days (or so)…

~ The Bruno Mars concert in Milwaukee.  Oh.my.god.  It was amazing!!  If you have the opportunity to see him, do it!  You will not be disappointed.  I swear every single person there stood up the whole time!  And when I had to use the bathroom… I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to miss anything.  I finally went when I couldn’t wait any longer for fear of peeing my pants.  LOL!

Here is a video I found on YouTube of his encore that night.  Yep, it was an amazing concert!

~ My trip to my hometown.  I arrived home from the Milwaukee trip at Noon on Thursday and was back on the road within 3 hours.  Upon arriving, I found out cousin Jody went to the ER about 45 minutes earlier.  She had staples removed from a surgery a couple day before and her incision opened up.  Turned out she had an infection and had to see her doctor in Green Bay early the next morning.  I decided to stay for the whole weekend anyways and instead of going out and hanging out by the marina, it was a kick back kind of weekend.  It was actually kind of nice to do basically nothing.

~ Since I’ve been home.  Laundry, dog sitting, cutting grass, weeding my cucumber and strawberry plants and trying to revive the three hydrangea plants that were put in my new flower bed.  (There really are pending posts about the gardening and flower bed.)

~ Fourth of July.  Since Aaron was working and Rachel went to Milwaukee, Ken and I didn’t really do a whole lot.  We did plan for a mini cookout… burgers, brats, and potato salad.  Ken decided to also make baked beans and BBQ ribs.  Holy smokes… that was a lot of food for just the two of us!!  We did go into town last night for the fireworks and Aaron got off work in time to join us.  It was nice considering it was really cold and windy by the lake and the fireworks lasted about 15 minutes less then usual.  (It took us twice as long to get out of town!)

I am getting my big camera mojo back though!  I took this picture of a turtle on a log when I went up home.

turtle2One of these days I’ll figure out a way to balance summer, blogging and reading blogs at the same time!